State of the Union
—A Big Mess

State of the Union —A Big Mess by Don Bennett unveils the reality of the United States of America and how, in recent years, it has strayed from the path of prosperity and progress despite having all the resources and opportunities to continue to be the best.

More About the Book

Don Bennett’s State of the Union —A Big Mess expresses his own concerns and opinions on the country’s state of wellbeing. The book discusses how, in the past, our ancestors have sacrificed so much for us and that today’s youth fails to recognize and acknowledge these efforts that were made in the name of our freedom.

Don, through his book, aims to educate people about the numerous blessings that come with freedom. The people of the United States need to recognize their responsibilities in order to help the country grow faster, rather than complaining and focusing on what they can’t do about a certain matter for the country.

The book also explains the importance of voting among the youth. Don Bennett tells the readers that voting is a small step that can leave a lasting impact if you choose your leader wisely. Explaining the reasons why you should look up to your leaders for the betterment of the country.