Don Bennett

About the Author

Being a patriot, Don Bennett is promoting love for his country through his book, State of the Union —A Big Mess, in order to educate people and explain the struggles of our ancestors so that the new generation can be considerate enough to treat the blessings given to them accordingly.

As a practicing lawyer and a retired judge serving the government and people of the United States of America, he admits that today’s youth have been blessed by having an identity in the world that they can belong to, but he gets disheartened when he sees the youth so unmotivated and taking all that they’ve been given for granted.

Seeing the state that the country is headed towards, Don aims to educate the people and make America walk the path of prosperity once again, embracing the American Dream in the truest sense.

Don Bennett

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Sandra Wilson

The book really does keep it real, and I agree with most of what the author says honestly.

Damian Ragnvindr

A must read if you want the un-sugarcoated version of the US’ political state.

Jack Miles

This is a really encouraging book for the youth to become hot-blooded about their country again and start taking action.